Home theaters have become all the rage. Designing an entertainment room for your family and friends can be a great way to spend time together and bond with those who mean the most to you. AVAS LLC will work with you to determine what your needs are, what you’ll primarily watch, the layout of the room, and your budget to customize and complete your custom home theater setup.

What you primarily plan to watch will make a big impact on the best products and components for your home theater installation. For example, if you plan to watch the upcoming football season, you may prefer the higher refresh rate in a Plasma TV. If your family enjoys animated movies, you may get more out of an LED with wireless surround sound to capture the colors and sounds of animated films.

The layout and environment of your room makes a huge impact on the angle of your television, what type of HDTV you may need, and where wireless surround sound speakers should be installed. AVAS LLC experts will conduct a site consultation to determine ahead of time the number of speakers needed, what type of wall mount the job will require, where in the room the television is best viewed, and more.

Home theater installation can sound pricey, but done well by professionals, your home theater installation can last for years to come. Call AVAS LLC today to schedule a free consultation with professional experts who will work with your needs, goals, and budget.

A home theater installation expert at AVAS LLC can assist you with answering these questions before installation or purchasing equipment:

  • What size is my room?
  • Where would I like the TV mounted?
  • What type of surface is the wall or ceiling where the TV will be mounted?
  • How many windows are in my room?
  • Which direction does natural sunlight enter the room?
  • What are the natural acoustics of the room?
  • How many components will I add to my system?
  • Do I need additional power outlets?
  • Do I need cables and wires hidden behind the wall?
  • How many wireless surround sound speakers would I like?