We can answer the following questions in your free consultation:

  • How should I arrange the speakers in my home theater room?
  • Which speakers are right for my needs?
  • Which cable should I run for my surround sound setup?
  • Do I need a subwoofer?
  • Do I need a soundbar?
  • How do I connect components and sources to my wireless surround sound system?
  • How will my home be wired to support my whole home audio solution?
  • Where should I place ceiling speakers in my room?
  • How do I connect my surround sound speakers to my amp or receiver?
  • How are in-wall or ceiling speakers installed?

Adding surround sound speakers to your existing or future home theater installation can change your entertainment experience forever. If you’re tired of straining to hear voices over background music and want to level out your audio playback, surround sound can be an extremely effective investment.

The right wireless surround sound system can play your favorite music throughout your home, put you in the front seat of a NASCAR race, surround you with the sounds of live sports, or immerse you into your favorite movie in an instant. Whatever your goals, AVAS LLC can find and install the perfect wireless surround sound system for your home.

In addition to one-room home theater surround sound systems, AVAS LLC can work with you to design and install whole house audio systems. Imagine music in every room of your home while cleaning or entertaining, with hidden speakers and no wires, blending in to your home perfectly. With the latest technology, you can control whole home audio from any room in the house with easy access to your iPod, digital storage devices, satellite radio, and more.

Our professional surround sound system installation experts will conduct a free consultation to determine how many speakers your home will need as well as what type of materials and labor will be required to meet your expectations.

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